Severe weather in Estonia

Very intense cyclone is hitting Estonia as I am writing this message. Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute has put whole country under severe weather warnings. Winds up to 78 mph are expected at the sea and over 50 mph at inland.
Hi Tarmo,
what happened then? Do you have any damage reports from this event? what were the max winds reported?

There is another windy day in Norway's west coast, gusts up to 185km/h for now!

Not to mention setup for Thursday over north-central Europe, have you seen maps for wind at H850? I've never seen anything like this before, wind gusts should be easily over 200km/h!

Estonia had minor damage and flooding. 3 people was killed in Sweden. Wind gusts in Sweden reached 89 mph, Estonia had 73 mph. 3,500 people without power here, hundreds of thousands in Sweden. Storm center also made landfall in Northern Estonia and storm looked pretty annular on satellite and radar. Water levels got about 5 inches over critical level in Pärnu.