Severe weather in Estonia

Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute has issued severe warnings for our waters because of approaching storm. Waves up to 5 meters(16 feet) and wind gusts near 45 mph have been forecasted for our water bodies. However, Vilsandi in Saare county reported 49 mph gusts a hour ago so EMHI has probably underestimated the storm a bit.

Interesting fact is that yesterday, over Gulf of Finland, slight thunderstorm was detected by lightning detectors. There have been reports in Estonian weather forum about users being affected by thunderstorms during past days as well. I also saw something like cumulonimbus yesterday and I caught it also on my weather web camera. I attached some snapshots from yesterday afternoon. In December, thunders are highly unusual in Estonia as well as temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Actually, it should snow already. Back in 2000 we had similar situation when temperatures were between 40 and 50 degrees, then snow returned for 17 December.


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