If you are either looking for somebody, or wish to post your name to let others know that you are ok, please feel free to do so here.
Safe in Lafayette and Texas

Bret, Darnelle, Matthew, and Maura Toups of Terrytown, LA. are safe in Lafaytte.

Ted, Michelle, and Eden Buck of Chalmette, LA are safe in Lafayette.

Joan and Laurent Ruiz if Terrytown, LA are safe in Lafeyette.

Orin and Elaine Toups of Terrytown, LA are safe in Tyler, TX.
Looking for...

I am trying to locate Mary Smith. She and her father, who is disabled, were in her home in New Orleans East in the Kingswood subdivision. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Her daughters are safe and very concerned. Thank you!
if anyone knows anything, please PM or email me...I will get qord to him

Packers' Javon Walker Has Family Missing In Mississippi

POSTED: 5:22 pm CDT August 31, 2005

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Green Bay Packers wide receiver Javon Walker is asking for help to find some of his family members who were in Hurricane Katrina.

Some of Walker's relatives live in Moss Point, Miss., about 15 minutes from Biloxi, Miss.

Walker got a call from his mother, who said they can't find Walker's grandparents and two uncles.

Lines of communication are down, so at a news conference Wednesday, Walker asked anyone with any information on their whereabouts to get in touch with him.

"Maybe some of the television stations down there could hopefully look out (and) know their whereabouts," Walker said.

I am looking for my nephew on dalphuin island TYLER COLLIER cant get through please contact me at [email protected] or call 4176733049 if anyone knows or hears anything let me know thank you
From a guest member (mnealjohnson):

"Anyone with information about William D. ( Bill) or Benjamin W. (Sonny/Ben) Johnson, of Slidell, La, please, contact Mike Johnson at [email protected] or 405-685-7768. Bill may have evacuated to the Jackson area Sunday morning . Ben opted to ride out the storm. They live on the Northeast side of town. Thanks."
Re: missing

Originally posted by blassiter
I am looking for my nephew on dalphuin island TYLER COLLIER cant get through please contact me at [email protected] or call 4176733049 if anyone knows or hears anything let me know thank you

i just sent you ana email and tried to call.

I can drive down there if i can get gas

I have just been watching more terrible news reports on the TV here. But - one in particular caught my attention. They interviewed a lot of people who were taking refuge in New Orleans in one of the old, city apartments about 5 storeys up. The streets were dry, and they were all safe. They had water - for now - as the former owner had filled every receptacle with water before the storm hit. They are lucky.

I tell you this because ONE OF THEM HAD A SCOTTISH ACCENT.

She was with her husband - possibly on their honeymoon or holiday.

If you know through the media or through your own contacts of a Scottish family who are desperately wanting to know if there are any Scots surviving over here - there are. There is a Scottish couple safe in a New Orleans flat. She sounded like she may have been from the Fife area - although I'm not entirely sure. She had freckles on her shoulders and longish, dark brown hair. She appeared fairly slim and perhaps anywhere from her late 20's to late 30's.

Maybe this info will make life easier for someone over there. Relay it if you can. The lady mentioned, in tears, that they were so terribly worried because nobody at home knew they were safe.