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SAME handheld NOAA WX radio

Don't know if anyone's responded to you yet about this, but here goes anyway.

I am a fan of the Oregon Scientific WR103NX. It's very portable and can run off 3 AA batteries or an included AC adapter. And it's SAME capable.

I'd really shop around for this one though. Oregon Scientific is currently offering it direct for $49.95, but I've seen them elsewhere for less.

Hope this helps,
I am also looking for a handheld SAME unit. I found this website, which has a good listing of most models of Wx Radios (both handheld and desktop): http://www.weatherradiostore.com/default.asp

The WR103 is nice, but this one (WR108) has all of the features of that model, plus a "true" docking station with built-in rechargable Ni-MH batteries, which automatically recharge upon placement on the docking station. It also has a self-setting clock. This seems to be one of the better ones I've found. It's more expensive, but I like the recharging feature.

That website may not have the best prices though.