After a careful analysis of the latest models and suggestions from some seasoned forecasters...the picnic scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled as a slight risk of severe weather exists for neighbouring areas of Kansas..infact. SPC is considering an upgrade to a moderate for areas as close as Manhattan and Topeka...already a number of people have said they'll be chasing tomorrow no matter what...being this season has been slim pickin's to say the least.

However, I had a pleasant conversation with Linda Wade with the Twister Museum in Wakita thismorning and she has much planned for the following weekend...I urge you to try to attend this if possible.

More details concerning this will follow. I had scheduled the first Saturday in June as the last chance for this years Storm chase picnic, but in honesty I'm not sure who all will be able to show as many folks will have already left for back home...I may still have it but on a scaled back version. I will keep you abreast on any further developements.

Thanks and my deepest apologies to all who were looking forward to tomorrow.

Thanks for the info Rocky, we've been waiting all day to know the verdict. We'll really miss the party but we'll see you in Wakita for sure!!!