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Rebel XTi vs Sony Alpha A100

I'm looking at these two cameras and looking for opinions. I know most folks here are pretty big Canon fans, but the Sony is getting some good reviews, and the prices are pretty attractive. Has anybody had much of a chance to play with the Sony and can compare it to the Canon?
There's a pretty extensive review posted on DPReview:

I have never actually used one myself, but it appears to be a pretty good alternative to the XTi and can be had for a bit cheaper.

-in camera image stabilizer
-size (I like something that feels substantial in my hand - the XTi does not. You may be different)
-Uses basically the same sensor as the Nikon D200

-better AF
-better image performance
-access to a better lens lineup
-time lapse capability

Both have some other nice feaures, such as the anti-dust technology and fast continuous shooting. That being said, I am in the overwhelming minority of people on this board that use Nikon, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between the brands in terms of produceable image quality so I don't think either is necessarily better - you may want to go to a local camera store and see if they will let you demo both of them.
For storm chasing, I'd stick with the Canon, or as John said, the Nikon. They have lower noise in low light. Image stabilization doesn't help much with wide angle storm structure shots anyways, and the dust removal is a gimic.

The sony is a great camera, but I don't like the feel personally. It doesn't use close to the same sensor as the D200 to my knowledge because the image quality and resolution tests are not nearly the same, but the D80 does.
I just got my Rebel XTI 400D for Christmas. PC&Photo magazine has it as it's Editor's Choice for D-SLRs. I can't wait to get my first thunderstorm/lightning shot with it!:cool: I have it with the 28-105mm lens, which is capable of MACRO, telephoto, and wide-angle. Is the lens hood good for chasing, or do I not need it? What other accessories are recommended for chasing? I already have a nice tripod.