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rare/unusual things seen while chasing

I noticed today that I didnt have a chase report that included a tornado from June 4, 2005 and while looking through the video today to make the report (here) I suddenly remembered (after seeing it in the vid) something odd I saw that day.

It was a storm between Bartlesville and Ponca City, OK that was part of that line of storms that had formed. It had a little beavers tail feeding in there for a while (as seen here) but soon it began to die. I had my camera recording on the last 5 minutes of its life and while at the time I remember thinking it looked like it was spinning..the video picked up on it wonderfully and after I time lapsed it, it was even better. Heres the video.


Ok, so whats going on here? My guess is that this is whats left of the mesocyclone? and that the same processes that go into the horseshoe vortex are also at play here? > less mixing with the drier air (thats outside the spinning column) thats part of the dying storm? So what do you all think?

And while I am on the subject. I though this was interesting too:
from april 2005. Its somewhat present all throughout but especially just after halfway through the video you can see some air sinking on the right side of the crappy wall cloud (lp sup looking south) and it is spinning down. I would assume this to be RFD? Anyone ever seen anything like that?