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Rapid Weather / Meteorology Training Center

Well, if you read that blog post I would say that it doesn't look very credible to me. They are supposed to teach forecasting, well it seems on the July 7th post they went a little too far...

From there site...

"Sunday July 7, 2006
12:15pm CST
A flash flood event is developing over northern and eastern KS, western MO, and southcentral NE. The greatest threat for flash flooding will be along and 60 miles either side of a line from Hill City KS to Clinton MO. Thunderstorms will develop over western KS and western NE between 1pm and 3pm and then consolidate in the outlook area after 5pm, moving southeastward. The thunderstorms will be predominately severe to start and then become heavy rain producers with wind damage likely on the leading edge of the thunderstorm area. Rainfall amounts will exceed 6 inches, causing widespread flash flooding. Damage will be extensive.

Risk of large hail: Hail to 3 inches in diameter possible
Risk of damaging wind: Wind gusts to 100 mph possible
Risk of tornadoes: Several tornadoes will be possible through 10pm
Risk of flash flooding: High - rainfall will range from 1.00" to 6.00" with local 10.00" amounts possible."
Brett, that exerpt that you posted was simply an example of what one of their posts are. It wasn't a true post, so you can't look at credibility on that.
I'm not sure if this is still true, but they use to gauarentee a forecasting position to any B.S. meteorologist who could get a certain number of new clients (I don't remember the number, but it wasn't 5...). So basically if you can be an amazing sales person who brings a lot of new money to the company, yes, of course you are awarded with a salary job! But good luck finding some crazy number of clients!
I figured there would be a boatload of people who would jump in on this thread. Seems like nobody has heard of them. heh