Rain, Snow, Graupel, and Hail, All at Once, with Thunder and Lightning

John Farley

Apr 1, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
On Monday, May 17, while returning to Pagosa Springs, CO after a couple days of chasing in southeastern CO and far northern NM, I encountered a most unusual thunderstorm in Alamosa, CO, with rain, snow, graupel (snow pellets), and hail, sometimes all at once, with thunder and lightning. My report, with video of the storm and several pictures, can be found at:

Wasn't entirely sure where to put this, but since it was largely winter precipitation and there is already a thread for this day in TA that does not include CO, I decided to put it here.
I love those "a little bit of everything" days... but usually when I've seen it, its multiple little separate storms.
Though I have seen rain/hail/snow all from a single storm before.