Radar loops of recent cool storms

Oct 10, 2004
Madison, WI
For your viewing pleasure (BIG files, best w/high speed):

Audubon, IA May 10

[Broken External Image]:http://sphs.angeltowns.net/images/storms/2005/DMX_radar_ani.gif

Ulysses, KS May 11

[Broken External Image]:http://sphs.angeltowns.net/images/storms/2005/DDC_radar_ani.gif

South Plains/Lubbock, TX May 12

[Broken External Image]:http://sphs.angeltowns.net/images/storms/2005/LBB_radar_ani.gif

Sorry about the gaps, the LBB radar site refused to update for a while that evening.

If anyone is interested in keeping these, save them to your computer now because they take up a lot of webspace and I can't leave them up forever.
very nice loops there - that Plainview cell was superb on radar shame I was too many miles away in NE!
Originally posted by Joe Nield
Holy crap! That Audubon, IA storm is a thing of beauty.

I'd say the best supercell radar signature of the year, so far. 8) I was very surprised it didn't put down a long tracked strong/violent tornado. Judging from the reports from chasers in the area http://www.stormtrack.org/forum/viewtopic....800fa826b3f8927 LCLs were just too high. Goes to show you, reflectivity can be deceiving.
Cool loop Andy :wink: Strong and static convergence in the zones of Plainview: supercells grow up but the convergence remains the same and in the same place: this is a tipical tornadic situation!