Radar in the car.

Dan Kokes

I generally chase within 100 miles of my home in Northern Illinois. Once I leave my house though, I am basically blind besides NOAA Weather Radio. What is the best way chasers get the internet in their cars?
Wi-fi hotspots are available at most every motel now in tornado alley. You can stop at one load up all your favorite sites and then review them in your internet cache offline.
I'd have to agree on the whole motel bit, as they are pretty good for WI-FI. Such places as McDonald's and Truck Stops (Flying J, etc.) have WI-FI available, but they charge for it...
The free wifi at motels is going to start a revolution, I don't see how anyone can get away with charging for it anymore. It totally changed the chase scene this year.

We pulled into a motel in Lawton, OK to connect and some business guy was sitting next to us doing the same thing. He wasn't a chaser, but was taking advantage of their wifi.