Question concerning 04/21/05 SE Nebraska storms!

Craig Maire II

Does anyone else have any pics/video from the severe storm that developed/went through Gage and Johnson Counties, Nebraska on 04/21/05?? Maybe we could exchange videos/pics, etc.?? Also, would be great to hear from any spotters, chasers, etc. who were watching the storms in Gage and Johnson Counties.
I only have pics of the mud I was stuck in, which was more interesting than what I was seeing from those storms. Did I/we miss something on those?
04/21/05 storms

I saw atleast 2 wallclouds, flashflooding, large hail (ping pong to golfball), plenty of excellent CG lightning, etc. and just wanted to see if anyone else had wall cloud/hail footage from Gage and Johnson Counties.