Question about convective wind damage event

Feb 8, 2006
Cortland, New York, USA

I have a question about an event that happened back in the summer
of 1992, in Cortland New York. I remember we had a thunderstorm occuring over my city. I was out on the porch with my mother at the time, being only 8 years old or so. My mom claimed she saw the clouds "moving in all different directions" she then yelled for me to get in the house NOW!. As soon as I backed into the door, a strong gust of wind hit and the power went out. Here's where it gets interesting, my brother
showed up and we went with him down-town and saw a roof off a building,
a car upside down, a street sign bent and a house moved off its foundation
and partially collapsed. Many people claim they spotted a tornado, however when they reported this to the NWS BGM survey team, the person conducting the event allegedly said "We cant call it a tornado, because no ones insurance will cover the damage", So it is going to classified as "wind shear". I've heard this repeatedly time and time again.
Now, one of the people who were interviewed by the NWS is the president
of my volunteer fire company. He claims he watched the tornado go
through the city, as well as other people who've claimed to have sighted it.

Now, I've looked high and low and have not found any official tornado report for cortland new york in that time frame. I've looked in my significant tornadoes and I only found a tornado recorded back in the late 40s between tompkins and cortland counties that destroyed a barn or two.

Can anyone shed some light on this?. I do not know the date, however I am confident it was in 1992 may-august time frame. If anyone who works at SPC who may know of anything, I would appreciate the help. Also, I dont see how the NWS can say "we cant call it a tornado because of insurance claim purposes". Secondly, wind shear is a totally different from
downburst phenomina.

I look forward to some help.

Thank you

The insurance claim doesn't make any sense, but here is some info for Cortland County for 1992:

1 CORTLAND 07/05/1992 1700 Tornado F0
2 CORTLAND 07/31/1992 1515 Tornado F1

There are also about a dozen wind events for that time which it could be. I would inquire and try to narrow the time down, for instance both of those tornadoes occured in the morning.

Try finding where you were on a mapping program and get your LAT/LON and compare it with the reports.

Hope that helps,
Thank you Scott!...

That's what I was looking for, I will contact my local wsfo and ask for
the survey report on those events.

I'll dig deeper as to why I have heard so many of these "wind shear"

Thank you again!