Problem with windows recognizing digital camera

Jason Boggs

Well, I'm having problems with my Sony F717 digital camera. When I hook up the camera via USB, I usually go into MY COMPUTER and then click on memory stick to download my photos onto my computer. Now, when I click on my computer with my camera turned on I can't even see any files in MY COMPUTER. Also when I turn on my camera with the USB plugged in, I see a memory stick icon in the taskbar, and when I click on it there are two options to either synchronize media files to this device, and the other option is to take no actions. I have had no problems with this since I got the camera over a year ago. There has to be an easy fix to this but I have no idea where to start. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Forgot to add that I am using XP Professional
Finally got it to working. Just tried plugging the USB cord into all 6 of the USB ports in the back of the computer. Finally one of them worked! WOOHOO!!!
I've seen this with a few USB devices; some of them prefer to use the same USB port they were first setup on for subsequent connections. There's likely nothing wrong with your other ports (or your camera).

I bought me an Olympus SP-350 and just got it today, something small that will always stay in my vehicle.