post your highlight videos/ DVDs

Many on wxchase and other listserves have posted their 2004 and other highlight videos and DVDs. Also comments concerning what is on DVDs and videos are welcome too

I thought this would be a good place to post these for all who want to revisit the productions, purchase them or use them for trade.

Please post the information that you want,
sale and/or trade info
(make sure to include if DVDs whether DVD+r or DVD-R)
websites info (to find info to)
where to find more information.

I hope to do my 2001-2004 video and DVD during the December vacation from teaching.

Dr.Eric Flescher ([email protected]),Olathe, KS -Storm Satori-
Title LOVE

Year 2004

Content March 27 (4 tornadoes), May 12 (3 tornadoes), May 22 (1 tornado), May 24 (1 tornado), May 29 (several tornadoes), June 12 (4 tornadoes)

Format DVD+R

Length 1hr 50min

Price $19.95 USA/Canada/Mexico, $24.95 rest of world (S & H included)

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Title: Tornado Central -- In Review... 1999-2004

Year: 1999-2004

Contents: August 9 1999 2 tornadoes (featured)
+ May 8 2003 tornado(featured)
+ July 6 2003 wallcloud
+ July 14 2003 tornado
+ March 27 2004 supercell
+ April 30 2004 supercell
+ May 12 2004 6 tornadoes (featured)
+ May 22 2004 2 tornadoes (featured)
+ May 29 2004 2 tornadoes (featured)
+ June 10 2004 supercell and tornado (featured)
+ June 12 2004 3 tornadoes (featured)
+ October 29 2004 wallclouds

Format: DVD+R (bitset to DVD-ROM for maximum compatibility)

Length: ~110 minutes or 2 DVDs! I could cram it into a single DVD, but I'd rather minimize the compression for quality purposes.

Price: $29.99 USA/Canada/Mexico, $34.99 rest of world (S & H included)

I'm including my best footage from the past six years! The "featured" days will have the most footage included.

Availability: The highlights video will be available during the first week of December. I'll announce when it's ready-to-buy.

EDIT: Updated footage featured, length, price, and availability.
Twisted Skies 2004
PREVIEW: Windows Media Real Player

1 hr 2 minutes long (62:00)

May 12 - Attica KS (8 tornadoes)
May 22 - Nebraska (2 tornadoes)
May 26 - E Ok - (2 tornadoes)
May 29 - Calumet anticyclonic tornado
June 12 - Mulvane KS (3 tornadoes)

Includes 8 page full color "chase along" booklet
Time lapse segments with legal music.

$24.95 w/ free shipping anywhere in the USA.
DVD-R Any format you want really.
Paypal or money order for now...CC orders accepted by Monday hopefully.
Storm Chase 2004 - Timeless Journey
A combined effort by Scott Blair and Jason Politte that takes you on an intense ride through some of the most spectacular storms of 2004.



Introduction featuring many extended time-lapse segments

March 27 - Oklahoma tornadoes near Butler, Custer City, and Okarche

May 24 - Albany, Missouri tornadoes

May 29 - Jamestown, KS wedge and anticyclonic tornadoes

June 10 - Big Springs, NE Tornado

June 12 - Stunning white Mulvane, KS tornado with rainbow and Rock, KS tornado at sunset

September 4 - Hurricane Frances



Approx. 1 hour

$20 Domestic / $25 International (S & H included)


Seven Years On Cyclone Road

Highlights from 1996-2003

Including: May 20, 1999 Lake McClellan tornadoes
May 6, 2001 Marietta OK tornado
May 27, 2001 Kansas haboob
October 9, 2001 multiple tornadoes (exclusive video Mountain View F3)
May 4, 2002 Vick, Texas tornado
May 5, 2002 Happy, Texas wedge
May 23, 2002, Lipscomb/Pampa tornadoes
May 9, 2003 OKC night chase
May 15, 2003 Stratford Texas tornado twins,
and many more storms.


2 hours

$19.99 plus shipping

Available on my website or on Ebay.


April 22nd - Forestburg, TX Supercell
May 10th - Limon, CO Tornadofest (featured event)
May 26th - Sooner Lake, OK Tornados
May 28th - Maskell, NE LP Supercell
May 29th - Jamestown, KS Tornados
Chasing Time 2004 (Timelapse set to music)

DVD-R (DVD+R on request)

90 minutes

$20.00 +$4.00 S&H



Ebay listing
Another Boring Chase Video!

Ride along with Eric Nguyen and Scott Currens as we observe more than forty tornadoes in 2004. The video contains only the best of our 2004 highlights with nonstop close-up tornado action.

Storm Chaser reviews

Preview the video

Title Another Boring Chase Video!

Year 2004

Content (With links to Eric’s photos)
March 27th WC OK
Several weak tornados observed.

May 12th Harper, KS
Close range video of the Harper F4.

May 24th Southern NE
Twelve or so tornadoes, several at close range on different sides of the van. This was definitely our most nerve-racking chase of 2004.

May 29th Attica/Harper/Argonia/Conway Springs, KS
I consider this my best chase day ever.

June 9th EC CO
This was a surprise tornado day. We nearly drove into the first of four tornadoes before we realized that it was in fact a tornado.

June 10th Big Springs, NE
We observed a beautiful long track stovepipe tornado from birth. Another of the truly amazing tornadoes of 2004.

June 12th Mulvane, KS
Absolutely the most photogenic tornado I have ever seen.

Time-Lapse Video
A collection of video from all of our chases in 2004.

Format DVD-R

Length 1hr 50min on 2 DVD’s

Price $29.95 US Dollars (S & H included)


Scott Currens Chase Video

Now includes footage of Nov. 10th OKC tornado's!
DVD with chase video that includes May 29th South Central Kansas
Outbreak, Sooner Lake Tornado and Mulvane, Kansas F3 tornado. (22
I am actualy more interested in trading DVD's. If you want to trade drop me an e-mail. [email protected]

Order here:

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Our website deals with both our US trips and Australian trips since we are from Australia. For thsoe of you that would like to Australian supercells on the Australian landscape, then our DVDs show it. Sorry but you will have to deal with the Australian accent:)

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Our website has the latest videos and information at the following link:

Here is a link to other resources that help give some concept of what is in the DVD videos:


and video stills


Jimmy Deguara

The power and elegance of spring across the Great Plains.

We are proud to introduce to you a truly unique summary of the incredible season of tornadic storms on the Great Plains, the DVD entitled "Storms of 2004":

Did you know:

This is the long-awaited DVD was the centerpiece of the two night video show presented at the American Meteorological Society's Severe Local Storms Conference in Hyannis, Massachussetts in October of 2004. This conference is one of the premiere gathering sites for severe storms researchers in the world.

All profits will be donated to the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association (COCAMS/NWA) and to the American Red Cross. You may receive a tax deduction on a portion of your purchase.

Seven chase day stories were edited by six producers. The producers you may recognize as members. You're welcome to check the producers page. Many video contributions were made from members. We are all very grateful!

You will find an educational flare to the chase stories as you will see the maps the chasers used, and where the chasers are located on radar images of the storms, etc.

We are taking orders immediately for the holiday season. Cost is $25 per DVD, plus s&h. For more information, please consult the above Web page.

Remember - this is for a good cause, and because a portion of the costs are tax-deductible, you are also getting a discount.

Greg Stumpf and Jim LaDue
Please post the information that you want,
sale and/or trade info
(make sure to include if DVDs whether DVD+r or DVD-R)
websites info (to find info to)
where to find more information.

Lubacca 2004 - O*U*Chased*1*2
Highlights the 2004 Chase Season

March 27 - Central Oklahoma, 3 brief tornadoes.
May 10 - Northern Colorado, hailstorm.
May 12 - Southern Kansas, 7 tornadoes.
May 13 - Northern Texas, chase comedy and squall line.
May 20 - Northeast Colorado, beautiful supercell.
May 24 - Northeast Kansas and others, bust chase w/ good storms.
May 29 - Southern Kansas, nearly a dozen tornadoes!

Also includes videos set to music!

Approx 90 Minutes Long in VHS format ONLY.

Price: $15.00

Where can it be found?