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Hey gang,

I realized after my latest stint on eBay that I'm amounting a decent collection of camera equipment for my SLR and my camcorders. I'd like to be able to amass everything into one bag/case. I've searched eBay and other major camera sites and have found a couple things that look good, including what's linked and pictured below...

[Broken External Image]:

But I thought I'd ask the photographers out there. I also wouldn't mind having a soft case, either, one I can divide. Basically, here's what I would need/want to store..

2 Sony D8 Camcorders; my Canon AE-1; 300mm Canon lens, a couple lens for the D8 camcorders, extra batteries, 8mm tapes, film, filters, and power packs.

Obviously the film, tapes, and other accessories could be stowed elsewhere, so basically someplace for the cameras, lens, and maybe power packs would be vital.

If someone has what's listed above or something like that, let me know what you think and how exactly the "diced foam dividers" work (I cannot find pictured examples of this).

Other suggestions would be welcome, too!

Hey Tony,
Have you considered making your own out of a lunch cooler?

You might remember the guy (lightening photograher) at last year's NSCC talking about making one for his camera gear that is a 'theft deterent'. You can make your own foam dividers out of some scrap packing foam.

Then when someone looks into your car - all they see is a small cooler and they move on.
If someone has what's listed above or something like that, let me know what you think and how exactly the "diced foam dividers" work

Hi Tony,
I use that type of case for my video gear. I prefer the hard cases much better than soft ones. The diced foam dividers in mine are just like those used for sound equip, egg-crate like. You can conform them any way you wish. The foam keeps things from moving around. Silver works well for the heat and the case is tough and durable.
Hey Tony,

I have spent a pretty penny on my two hardcases. I have two different sizes of Pelican waterproof (yes, proof) hardsided cases. These things are awesome. I keep my camera gear in one and my projector in the other since I often travel with it. Soon the larger one will be used for a VX2100 after I am done counting my pennys :). As I said these things are not cheap but they are the best. They come in ANY size you want and a small camera size case will likely run you ~$80 (if my memory serves me correct). I think I spent over $125 on each of mine.....then again this was before I was addicted to ebay so I assume they can be had for slightly cheaper. When looking on ebay remember that you can purchase new foam filling (which you can make fit anything you have perfectly!!) from outlets such as

Good luck

Graham Butler
Thanks for the tips, guys! I'm liking Verne's suggestion of the cooler idea; definately a theft deterant.

As for the foam filling stuff; I looked on and found various pieces. I guess all I would need to do is buy a specific size, then cut it up as needed? Doesn't seem like too shabby of an idea. Put my camera or whatever on it, trace around it, then cut? Basic idea, I take it!

Thanks again! I'll continue my shopping quest as I have a couple months before things start to rear their heads. Any other suggestions from anyone, please let me know!

Thanks again!
That Pelican 1600 would be perfect, and it looks like it has a great lifetime warrenty on it. Costs a bit, but would suffice for me forever! Even the 1550 is nice. I may go with the 1600 when my tax return comes through, as it would suite me now and as my equipment grows. I will obviously not use all that space immediately, but it'll be great for all my cameras and other gear which is scattered about right now!

Thanks tons for the advice!

Awesome. Is that the Pelican 1600?

That looks exactly like something I could use, for my slr gear and dv cam. Though my dvcam is a vx2100, I'm not sure I could fit it AND all my slr gear in the same case... but still... that looks nice! I might have to try it!
This was the exact item I won...

$31.00 + $18.00 (shipping) = $49.00 total

Good deal considering the prices I've seen for many of them. May not be "name brand", but it does the job. I've also seen that you can buy replacement foam if you decide to reconfigure it later on.

That foam is diced foam, not exactly sure what the size of each piece is, but it's probably close to half an inch. It's several inches deep. What I did was trace out the outline of the equipment I wanted to put in, then cut out that entire depth of foam. I then cut off an inch or two from the cut out foam to put as the "floor" for the equipment. You can glue it down or whatever; I chose not to do that. As you can see from the pictures, that's what you can do, and I managed to shove quite a bit into that case.

I didn't see the same eBay guy selling cases, but I know they're out there. Here are a few eBay items that look pretty close.. (Buy-It-Now for $39.95 + $14.99 ship) (Buy-It-Now for $39.95 + $14.99 ship)
Soft bags

I used to have Tamarac, but have found through the last 10 years that the Lowe bags are more durable and comfortable. Some also have a rain fly, comes in handy when I'm caught in a storm.
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Just bought a used vid cam off ebay and it came with a Pelican 1450....that is now my 3rd pelican. I swear by them....only thing I trust my camera gear in.

-Graham Butler
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Yeah, seeing his in action he has talked me into getting one for my camera as well as my laptop!

They have a laptop attache model.. Its awesome.. check them out on Ebay or the cheapest i think I have found outside of ebay is chemplex controls.. Do an internet search for their web..

Hope that helps :wink:
I'm sold, I just ordered the Pelican 1600 from B&H yesterday. This should easily house my dvcam, slr and lenses. Can't wait!

Only thing left now is to get that laptop that I can't figure out which one to get. :)