Photograph needed...showing someone spotting

I am looking for a photograph to use for a spotter presentation. Basically I need an image that shows a vehicle...someone outside the vehicle watching a storm - spotting. It can be a chaser or spotter/either way. Perhaps some radio antennas and so on. You get the idea. :) Credit will be given for the photo. This is for a spotter class and not for commercial or profit use.


Here's a few you are more than welcome to use, I took them both on May 29th, 2004.


The guy in the top picture is Ken Johnson, not sure who the guy in the bottom pic is and of course I, Joey Ketcham, took em
I don't know if you are looking for more than one photo but here is one of my favorites that show chasers, spotters, and researchers in action.

I have some that I will post for you, once I get home to my desktop PC tomorrow. I know this picture probably doesn't count. But it was taken one day on a chase, while we were waiting for storms to fire up. It was taken in Norman next to the old radar dish by the SPC. I do have the image with out the water mark as well.

I'll post the others in this post once I get home to my desktop.
Hi! You're free to use either of the bottom two for the spotter presentation:



The first is the DOW truck on a storm in Republic county, Kansas back in '05.
The second is a chaser on a storm in central Kansas in 2006. No, he's not really spotting, he's running video -- but you don't have to tell your audience that. ;)
Those are great as well. Thanks. Doing a SKYWARN Class for Ballard County, KY. These will work nicely as well.