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It's time to make the mundane tasks of getting home late at night simpler and get that report up faster!

I got tired of right-click, Rename, ctrl-v, 01, enter, right-click, Open With, Paint, etc. So I made a pretty simple program to rename, resize, and add watermarks to a folder of images.

Aren't there other programs that do this? Yes! But are they free? Probably not. That's why I made this totally free.

Please refer to the following links:
Legal Stuff
Photo Ops Website

I didn't really have much of a beta as it's not a huge program to test. So if you have any feedback on bugs, feel free to PM me so we can keep this thread free of clutter.

Didnt' know if this would help.

It has some little intracacies that are worth exploring. I know you can place watermarks on your pictures, and I believe there is an option to rename photos.

Check it out.

One dialog, no messy scripts to make - Photo Ops is a poignant program that serves its purpose through a simple interface. It's meant for people who just want to quickly do something and don't really care about making things extra neat - they just want to get it done and be done with it.
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Application name changed to Photo Ops.

All of the links and such on my website and the executeable has been updated.

I did fix a bug I found with putting the numeric ID in front of the mask. So I made a new build and called it v 1.1.

EDIT: Found a few broken links along the way, all are up and should be working now. Thanks!
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After a well-deserved complaint about resource hogging, I revamped the program so that it runs MUCH more efficiently. I also added in an Image Quality feature that controls the end file's quality.

Feedback is always welcome...hope you all are enjoying it!
Just wondering if any people have tried it and had it work successfully. I've only had 2 people come back with problems and one, as far as I know, was really easy to solve.
Photo Ops 1.3.1 Released!
Version 1.3
  • Fixed bug that caused program to crash if invalid file type found during execution
  1. Bounding - limit picture sizes to a particular width or height or both
  2. Ability to override resolution(DPI)
  3. Now "remembers" all settings that you used during your last successful organization of photos
Version 1.3.1
  • Fixed bug that did not initialize the folder select dialog to the “remembered” path
Please check the requirements and refer to the Common Issues on the Photo Ops website for any issues you may be having. If you're still having problems, you can PM me.
I get this error all the time...


How do I get around this? This comes up regardless what I do with my directories.
Ahh...saw the post about it on my website but didn't see the screenshot. I have to review this again, but I believe the program is stating that the watermark directory exists underneath where you're doing your photo ops. As in, maybe you didn't like the first time you've watermarked, and are now re-doing it to look better.

All that aside, if you're following those directions and it still isn't working... For the mean-time, you can copy your source pictures to a different folder, on your desktop or something. Then try running it again.

I'll look some more at it as it is a generic, catch-all-errors scenario. Perhaps in a future version, I'll just catch the case that the folder already exists and prompt to delete it instead of just issuing an error message - probably the SMARTER thing to do.

EDIT: I believe this issue has been resolved - Tony, let me know if you're still getting any error messages. Thanks!
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Hey everyone! I'm seeking ideas for future development on this for the upcoming chase season. Please PM me or post your ideas on how I can make this a better program.

The latest version is 1.3.1 and can be found at:

- ensure it works on Vista (high priority)
- focus on bugs? (need reports on bugs)
- a "clean registry" feature to clear out old settings OR
- switch settings to write to a file instead of registry
- Watermark preview window
- Be able to position the watermark wherever you want for each picture, then Organize
- Generate a text file with descriptions for each picture such as location, direction, comments, etc
- Generate an html page with pictures & descriptions or a slide show type of website
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