Panny 3 Chippers.

Anyone here have any experience with any of the Panasonic 3CCD chip cameras? I have been watching them for about a month now.

I really want either the GS250 or GS400 b/c both those have the Optical Image Stabilizer. The 150 only has the digital D-EIS, which has lead me to the other two I mentioned. The 400s are becoming harder to find and the price keeps going up. I am waiting for the 250s to be released so I can go take a look at them, however mail order places all ready have them.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I'm very happy with the GS120 so far (have been using it for almost a year now), and am sure the 250 is an even better option. Picture/color quality are far better than I had hoped for with such a small unit ... only drawback with mine is the focusing mechanism, which can only be changed electronically (in case you need a manual focus option, such as for lightning at night). You probably won't have that issue with the 250, as I'm sure there is a manual focus ring (though not sure about that). Because of the compact size, it's wonderful for carting around on a chase ... as far as image quality goes, the 3ccd chip blows Digital 8 off the planet, but I still use Digital 8 for shots from the car interior. Now I can keep the Sony mounted inside and use the Panasonic as a tripod unit.
I have the DVX100A which is superb :D Ok Im bragging a little bit.

I was looking into the gs400 as a secondary cam but have read some negative feedback on the tape drive mechanism.

The DVC30 is probably one of the better smaller ones panny is selling.. its in their proline and is sturdy and has great reviews.. be prepared to break out $1800 though.. I guess I will just buy another dvx100a at about $3,400 Im interested in quality and the 24p cinematic format though.