Orographic Cloud Formations

I find the orographic cloud forms to be quite amazing, keeping in mind, that there complete formation was rendered by the landscape/terrain of an area, makes it a greater reason, for me to like these. I have a question however, I think I understand how they form, but what gives them the spectacular form/structure they get, with the jagged edges and unique look? Another hting, I was pondering over is, where is it possible to find these? I live in East TN, so there are many mountains in/near my area. I'm not asking for the exact place in the world to find them, I'm asking where with relations to topography....such as, at the bottom of a mountain base, where orographic lift can take place, or something like that? I know they don't form all the times, so I don't know either when to look/find them.
Normally you will see spectacular orographic clouds (such as lenticulars or the ones in the Audobon Society Guide to NA Weather to name a couple examples) whenever a stable layer of air is forced over the top of a mountain range. Since the air is stable, it will resiste vertical motion and spread out laterally, giving you the layered appearance most of them have. As for the "raggedy" look, I would attribute this to dry air entrainment on the cloud edges or melting of ice crystals if the clouds are high enough.