NOW on DVD - "Weather Permitting VII - 2004 Storm Catch

Weather Permitting VII - 2004 Storm Catches

Update January 19: Now available on VHS or DVD

Hi Everyone,

For all of you wondering when someone will be coming out with a highlights video from the 2004 Chase Season --good news--LOL--your wait is over.

Weather Permitting 7 (AKA VII) is now ready to be shipped to everyone who wants to have a really cool chase vid.
This nearly 2 hour VHS tape features around 35 tornadoes /funnel clouds.

The really cool part is that for the first time ever the fine folks at Windswept Enterprises (AKA me) have included several Chaser Music Videos . I purchased some original licensed music for this video. I think you will enjoy these tunes while watching MANY more clips than I am usually able to include in my highlights tapes.

One of the Chase video tunes is so impressive that it almost woke up my cat. Anyway all attempts at humor aside , I think this WXP-7 VHS Video is my best work yet.

I am very grateful that I got to experience so many incredible storms in 2004.

To order your copy of this video please click on the following link for more info:

You may also send a ck or money order for $24.00 payable to :

Windswept Enterprises
Attn: Dean Cosgrove
PO Box 145
Curtis, NE 69025

The $24.00 price includes shipping and a
Free 4" x 6" tornado photo from 2004.
Add $2.00 for shipments to Canada.

For overseas orders please e-mail me for shipping rates.

Best wishes for a safe and successful chase year .

Dean Cosgrove