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2011 Storm Season DVD / BLU RAY "Winds of Change - 2011"

52511- WOC11 Label 175-2.jpg
Winds of Change - 2011
A 2011 Chase Video Highlights Production
© 2011 Brian A. Morganti

Our season started out with two significant tornado chase days in May, both in Missouri. The rest of May and June yielded nearly non-stop storm action including several spectacular supercell days! Winds of Change features only the best from the 2011 season with over 12 hours of raw high-definition video carefully edited down to a fast-paced one hour production for your viewing enjoyment. "Winds of Change" is my 13th annual chase highlights production. My other videos can be found here: http://www.stormeffects.com/chase_videos.htm
---Filmed Entirely in High Definition Video---
Wide Screen Format

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10 Chapters in all include the following...
52111-TopekaKSsc-5 225.jpg
52111-TopekaKSsc-6 225.jpg
May 21 - Tornadic Supercell - Topeka, Kansas
We intercepted a fantastic supercell just before it entered Topeka, Kansas. It put on quite a show for us as it became tornado warned! The storm was a real rotator and sported a persistent and sometimes awesomely rotating wall cloud for well over an hour. In spite of not producing an official visible tornado, the storm offered some of the best structure of the season.
52211-TornadoSWcityMO-TT 225.jpg
52211-TornadoSWcityMOropeout 225.jpg
May 22 - Tornadoes - Southwest City, Missouri
After abandoning the storm that went on to produce the devastating tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri we headed farther south after potentially tornadic storms that were forming WEST of the Missouri/Oklahoma border. After finding a semi-clear area looking west we waited for the arrival of one of these storms and found a very large tornado emerging from a very wet supercell.
52511-SupercellTor-EllsinoreMO-2 225.jpg
52511-Tor-EllsinoreMO-2 225.jpg
May 25 - Tornado - Ellsinore, Missouri
We intercepted a large tornado as it crossed highway 60 near the town of Ellsinore, Missouri. Viewing spots were limited due to the hills and trees, so we had to first get ahead of the storm that was moving northward and then wait for the long-track tornado to appear.

61111-LiberalKSsupercell-south-2 225.jpg
61111-ElmwoodOKstructure 225.jpg
June 11 - Tornadic Supercell - Liberal, Kansas
Another day featuring an awesome and long-lived supercell! After filming a tightly wound supercell near Liberal we dropped south to the Oklahoma Panhandle and filmed more pretty storm structure and farmstead scenes in the fading light.
61711-ElbertCtyCoSupercell-3 225.jpg
61711-ElbertCtyCoSupercellwindmill 225.jpg
June 17 - Supercell - Eastern Colorado
After playing around with some marginally severe storms near Limon, we headed farther south after a storm that was a bit more isolated and showed more promise. The storm did not disappoint as it gave us quite a structure show for the next couple of hours!
61911-ArapahoeNEmammatus1 225.jpg
61911-CambridgeNEsupercell-1 225.jpg
June 19 - Supercell - Alma, Nebraska
A marvelously rotating supercell fills the skies over southwestern Nebraska right before sunset. We were treated to a beautiful mammatus display during our approach, and then later a nice light show after sunset.

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