Northeastern New Jersey Getting Battered by Severe Storms

Jul 5, 2004
New Jersey
I seem to be between squall lines at the moment. :shock: We had some nasty thunderstorms move through here a couple of hours ago, and now there seems to be a squall line of severe thunderstorms moving into northwestern New Jersey. It looks like my area will get battered again. :shock:

Of course, there's always the chance that one of these cells could be tornadic, given the F1 that hit Long Island on Friday. I saw a thunderstorm earlier that had some vivid lightning and roiling clouds. No rotating clouds, though. :)

I just wish I had film. :(

I'll have to get offline soon and disconnect my phone line so that my computers don't get fried by the approaching squall line. :? My weather radio's alarm is going off every couple of minutes! :shock:

Crazy...!! :shock: