Dec 24, 2004
Southern Tip of Illinois
Good day all.

I was curious if anyone in here is using either one of these systems on thier home/office computers? Im looking into trying to get a data feed for my own computer. I've been in contact with the folks of MetWise trying to get thier NET program setup, but have been very unsuccessful, so im looking into other avenues.

What im basically wanting is a AWIPS type program to view model products, radar, GOES, etc.

What kind of setups are out there? What kind of system do you have and may I ask what are the costs?

I've also looked into a GEMPAK system, but really don't want another computer. I also do not want to spend extreme amounts of money. (who does?!?)

Thanks in advance!!

Nick Parker
You don't need a new computer for GEMPAK, I have a version coming out soon that will run within a VMWare virtual server, but if you want something dedicated (especially something for NOAAPORT's data speed) you'll want a separate box. Doesn't need to be something snazzy, you can put one together for $300 or so.

You'll need a 10ft dish (free - $500), downconverter ($300 for the Novra box, $80 if you try the card) and a LNBF ($100.) Throw in $100 to mount it and run the cable, and that's NOAAPORT for you...

- Rob
What kind of time frame are we looking at before this new version comes out Rob ?

Hey Rob is there any advantage to NOAAPORT over the current linux setup i have that is running your GEMPAK setup

I have an OLD SAT DISH guess I would just need the LNBF AND DOWN CONVERTER jsut wondering if I would gain anything over what I have now
Easily by the Iowa NWA convention end of March, likely sooner (assuming a quiet start to the storm season ;> ) Basically I'll send you a 2-DVD set, you install the free VMWare player and copy the file from the DVD onto your harddrive and then it's simply a window that runs. You'll be able to get by with 512mb RAM, but you won't be happy. I'd suggest at least a gig, more if you want to be running much on the Windows side at the same time.

NOAAPORT dish will give you MUCH more data (i.e. text, more model varieties, all NIDS sites & products, more satellite coverage, etc.) and it frees up your network connection to allow you to get the hi-res model output more readily. When NP goes full speed (don't have an idea) there will be even much more reason to do it.
Thanks for the intel Rob. I've got an old 10 footer in the backyard from the old Primestar days. Makes such a nice yard ornament. Im going to look into the NOAAPORT option I believe. I like the idea of having a dedicated weather data feed so to say. I've actually still got dial-up around here and anything involving a satellite gives me a grin.

Thanks again


What kind of expense are we looking at for the dvd setup for gempak with vmware know a few ppl that would probably like it over linux since they could run that on a machine they already have