New Years resolutions

John Farley

Anyone making New Years resolutions pertaining to chasing? Here are some of mine:

1. Become a better forecaster.


3. Remember that the next storm down the line is not necessarily more likely to produce.

4. Keep in mind that even if it is longer, the freeway is usually the fastest way to the target area.


6. Learn more about digital video editing.

7. Learn to be more patient when I reach my target area. (Last June 4, getting impatient and driving around looking for WIFI may have cost me a chance to see the tornado of the day which formed on the first storm to go up. See also item 3 above.)

Only one...

1. I will no longer stress out if I have to work and cannot chase.
(/Chasing is NOT life.)
(//I do need more in my life than chasing.)


Sort of related to chasing... I'll only drink soda on days I chase... and when I do, I'll have no more than 1 20oz drink a day.

Goes along with a diet change; hopefully I won't have to stop at pizza hut too many times this year! Luckily, Subways are on the increase every season.

1. Get out on the Plains for my first chase season.

2. Get my first tornado.

3. If I do see my first tornado, try not to crap in my pants.

I think that pretty much sums it up for me! :D
1. Use the Cwindow camera mount

2. if holding camcorder in hands hold steady or use a tripod

3. LOL I AGREE MISSOURI stinks the road network is nuts...

4. Take evry chance you get to chases even if just thunderstorms are forecasted

5. Always have bug spray on hand esp when chasing SD/ND border

6. Take pictures also instead of recording vid of a tornado.... vid caps can suck.... while the picture express it all... lol

Yep thats about it for my new years resolution"
Only New Year's resolution I've ever kept is the one I made about five years ago: Stop making New Year's resolutions.

Chase-wise, it's the same ole thing: stick to the plan.
Originally posted by Shane Adams
Only New Year's resolution I've ever kept is the one I made about five years ago: Stop making New Year's resolutions.

Chase-wise, it's the same ole thing: stick to the plan.

OK well - you've made me ask.......

So what's the plan??? :wink:

1. See more storms.... work schedule arrangements, taking chances on lesser set-ups, budgeting for high gas prices, and perhaps driving to further targets.

2. Chase in Canada. I didn't get the chance last year as the only good set-up in southern Manitoba arose when I was out of town on vacation.

3. Get some video for the first time and take more pics than I think I need.

4. Stick to my rules of thumb.... ie. go east before north, My target skills are great but I continue to make the occasional navigation move that costs me time, gas money, and a possible better view of the storm.

5. Patience on local set-ups. No use leaving too early if the storm is going to be close to home.

Not necessarily must do items this year but I'd also love the challenge of chasing a storm in the Minnesota pine forest if the chance presents itself. Every few years a tornado rips apart some pines and that would make some sweet video if the location was accessible. I also would like to try my hand at lightning shots.
Originally posted by John Farley

You are wise not to chase in Missouri...

My New Year's chase resolution is to photograph more western wildfires. I enjoy "beauty" and "hero" shots of fires (but not fire destroying things). I'll be on fires a lot this year before monsoon starts.

I'm also still after a good moon + lightning shot, a really good desert one.
basically not totally go a-wall on every setup that comes along. I need to look more at the bigger picture in terms of money and the fact that there will always be storms and the fact that I now have a part time job thats bringing in the dough of which Im not going into. And anyways if the mother ship is to strike again, im already in position anyway by going to school at OU. So in summary

1. Calm down, tornadoes will always happen, its ok to pass a day up

2. (this is a result of #1) SAVE $$$$$$$ (gas and hotels esp are a mother)

My overall goal is to get a mobile radar, digital camera, & camcorder, but will prob be a few years since I want to still have a good sum of money leftover after I buy such things.
Originally posted by Lisa Wadlow
I made this one at the beginning of 2005. Didn't stick with it. I don't care how many hills and trees and rivers we have, if there's severe storms I'll make an attempt at seeing them. Sometimes it's futile but I can't possibly just sit at home when there's severe weather anywhere near me. So this year I took "don't chase in MO" off my list.

I am not sure I can stick with it either. But every time I tried to chase in MO this past year it was frustrating. And not just because of the hills, trees, and rivers per se, but also because the roads follow the rivers or hilltops, so you are constantly road-screwed. Multiple times this year, even when I could see the storm, I could not properly intercept it and/or keep up with it becuase there was no road that crossed the river/ridge/valley I needed to cross in order to keep up with the storm. Hence, I am going to make a real effort to pass up MO chasing unless it is just a completely irresistable setup. Or at least, so I say now. :roll:
Chase more...

Good day,

Yeah, I made mine ...

Not worry about what others think about my chasing (unless it is something good)!

Intercept as many hurricanes, and severe storms as possible!

Chris C - KG4PJN
1. Follow gut instincts, and stay on a storm that you think is going to produce a tornado

2. Don't tell people about dreams

And the two I made last year

3. Don't rely on the local radio station to inform people about tornado warnings

4. Don't punch the damn core!! (This goes with number 3)
Mine are:

1. Get more storms this year.. tornado or not :)
2. Avoid hail shafts! (try to anyway.. LOL ... otherwise the wife will KILL me...... literally!!)
3. refer to number one!

Got to break in my new chase vehicle.. 99 Durango.. red :) hopefully NOT with a busted windshield.. LOL

ok heres mine

1. never chase tornados in CA (unless you live in Sacramento or Barstow where your only chances are for a stinkin f0 at best)
2. dont worry about missing big days cause they are always gonna happen
3. always have a nowcaster
4. skip the megga 500mile / leaving at 11:00 am attempts
5. always use a tripod with a MINI DV camera (always)
6. always have paper maps
7. always have a compass
8. try to be within 100 miles of a decent motel by the end of chase
9. bring enough food/water to last you the night in case there is no food on the road available
1. Get my first tornado video (I've seen two in the past but got no stinkin' proof!)
2. Save money so I can go to tornado alley for the first time (2006 is my 9th season chasing and I haven't left this damn place yet!)
3. Use my new camera toys on storms
4. Find a storm chaser boyfriend :lol: