New toy for chasers? Garmin Rino 130

Eh thats as new as grandmas unserwear.. lol

Actually though it has been around many of years. Back in 1995 or so I so happened to drive a guy from the airport (limodriver) to that company with this device. When I picked him up he said his meeting didnt go so well. So a few years later out pops this thing that looks similiar to what he had and they call it the Rhino. i alwyas wondered how that played out behind the scenes.

I think those are overpriced -- too many features. You don't need the pressure altimeter; from what I've read, the pressure altimeter needs calibration and is often inaccurate. (Not to mention the GPS does a pretty good job of figuring out alititude on its own.) The GPRS radios can be purchased at Sams Club for two for $40. It is kinda cool that it's a weather radio; a handheld weather radio runs at least $30. You can pick up a nice Garmin Legend for $150, two radios for $40, and the WX radio for $30 and still have 40 or 50 bucks left over compared to the price of the Rino.

Lotta chasers like to plug their GPS into their laptop. Not sure if you can do this with the Rino, but even if you can, you'd lose GPS signal every time you picked the radio up to talk, and the connecting serial cable would get in the way. It'd be useful outside, but then how many chasers need accurate GPS tracking when they're standing outside of their vehicle?

It'd make a pretty awesome hiking unit, though. Cuts down on a lot of weight and pack-usage.