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New Stormtrack Design - And More!

Steve Miller

Owner Emeritus
Staff member
I'm a little delayed in querying membership about the new site design. Hoping everyone likes it and things are working as they should be. We are investigating a couple of tiny issues you likely won't notice but if you see something out of place or missing, please shoot me a PM.

Also released this week were apps for iOS and Android. Based on the number of people I talked to last night at the ChaserCon mixer who had not yet installed the app, I'm hopeful word gets out soon and this method for keeping up with the site becomes the norm. Time will tell.

In addition to these two improvements for 2016, @Dan Robinson is hard at work in the background building out the ST archive. This is a job large in scale and we appreciate the work being done and invite anyone who is interested in helping to contact Dan.

So welcome to 2016. Enjoy the new goodies here on Stormtrack and spread the word!
I have seen your thread about this and it's on the list. Is there something you like about the site you would like to share?

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Looks good, my only gripe is the gigantic full floating header that pops up as soon as you scroll up. Most other sites that use a floating header have it very thin, just enough to give you some navigation buttons and a page number. This one's big enough to eclipse an entire post lol! :)