New Orleans Fires

Jan 2, 2005
Grand Forks, ND
There were several structures burning on one of the aerial shots earlier today. There shouldn't be any electrical power in the city to spark these though I suppose there could still be some residual charge here or there. One of the fires was at a pawn shop that did not appear to be flooded. Makes me wonder if there is some arson going on. There is always the possibility of candles causing problems. I would think anyone living in NOLA would have flood insurance but if not a simple torching would allow collection of home owners insurance. There is a lot of gasoline in the water but hopefully limited enough to not create an even greater threat.
On a related note, CNN did say the city of New Orleans is under Martial Law right now... Perhaps the city leaders suspected some of these fires were indeed arsons, thus a contributing factor for martial law.
Broken gas lines and open pilot lights are a culprit, I'd guess.
Good point. So many of us have spent our lives living in total electric houses that we tend to forget about the gas factor.
Mayor Nagin alluded specifically to gas leaks and fires in his very somber WWL interview last night. Transcript of those comments:

"We have gas leaks that have sprouted out throughout the city, and even when they're underwater, they have.... you will see water, and a flame shooting out of the water. It's pretty much, you know, not a pretty picture."