New Mexico Snow Ghosts and Mesalands Rhime

John Farley

The combination of freezing fog and snow with last weekend's storm produced some interesting results in both the mountains of northern New Mexico and the mesalands of eastern NM. In the mountains, the result was "snow ghosts," trees coated with snow in a manner that gives them a ghostly appearance:


And in the mesalands around Tucumcari, rhime ice - the frosty coating that covers vegetation when freezing fog occurs - combined with a light snowfall to give the area a most unusual appearance.

More pictures and discussion of what occurred in both the mountains and the mesalands can be found at:

I was most fortunate to witness three different aspects of this storm, which produced both heavy snow in the NM mountains and a devastating ice storm from Texas and Oklahoma into Missouri and points northeast. All three aspects are discussed on my weather observation page, located at: