Eastern New Mexico Storm Damages Well into the Millions

John Farley

Apr 1, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
Some of you might find this interesting, since a lot of us were chasing in eastern NM during the May 24-26 period. The damage on the 24th around Clovis from large, wind-driven hail is likely in excess of $100 million. But not all the news is bad - reservoirs that have been low for years got a huge boost from the massive storm. In a few days, Ute Lake near Logan increased in volume by the amount that is normally drawn out of the reservoir over a period of two and a half years.

Storm damages well into millions - The Eastern New Mexico News

The damage was also extensive in and around Tucumcari, particularly from the hailstorm and flooding rain on the 25th. (Video of the hail in my report in the REPORTS thread). Many buildings, including the Convention Center and Route 66 Museum, suffered severe flooding when the hail either broke skylights or damaged the roofs to the extent that the buildings flooded with several inches of water. The 50s era neon lights at various businesses around town also took a major hit. And a lot of roads were washed out around the general area, including a $4 million low-water bridge that had been about to open on old Route 66 near San Jon.

Flooding, hailstones wreak havoc - Quay County Sun (qcsunonline.com)