New HAM Radio Callsign: KWØLFF

Hey gang,

My application for a vanity callsign was approved late last month and as of today, I am now KWØLFF! :D

This is cool because I absolutely LOVE wolves and obviously this callsign shows that! I'm excited about the change as I had to wait for a while til the sign was released and when it was, I jumped on it. This replaced my previous callsign of KCØONL, which til I can get the decals removed, will end up stuck on my car! :lol: Anyone who has posted my callsign on a website someplace, I would ask that you make the change for me! I'll have done the same with my site shortly!

Just wanted to pass along my news!
Tony, That's awesome! Heck, I would love that one myself!

So, it takes about a month? And you can get a call that has never been originally issued yet? (I'm assuming they haven't started with the KW's yet)

I originally wanted to get my original call (N5ETG) back as a vanity, but I spent a few hours today looking up other potential calls that mean something to me, and I like that idea better. I have it narrowed down to two.