New Chase Graphics on my Site

Mar 2, 2004
Northern Colorado
Hey all! I've had some time to play with one of my favorite programs lately and created a couple of new banner/buttons for my website which I wanted to get opinions on (see them in action here)

1. The Main Banner

2. The Corner Home Button

I have wrote up a semi-detailed explanation of how I created the graphics if anyone's interested. It's on my blog and should be on the main blog page for a few days or until I knock it off with more entries.

Give me your feedback as I have full ability to make corrections and changes if need be. My particular question is readability of the letters on the lightning background.

Thanks all!
Man those look great Tony. I espically like the wolf with the lightning bolts.

I like the license plate in the middle but if you were in the middle. Say a faceshot with a super intense expression that would be even better.

Originally posted by Scott Olson
I like the license plate in the middle but if you were in the middle. Say a faceshot with a super intense expression that would be even better.

I left the middle kind of "bare" like that cause of those silly alert things I do when I'm chasing on when winter weather gets hefty. That gives me a bit of space to post those and other "alerts" without blocking the other text of the banner.
I commend you for your new graphics. The old ones have served their purpose basically since your site first went up, and it was time to lay them to rest and bring in fresh, creative graphics. :) You have achieved that and so much more. The colors are subtle and intense in all the right spots, and placing two photos of you on either side of the banner and your license plate in the middle, with light gray wolves lingering on either side of that, plus the intense CG's which give it visual punch, gives a good overall sense of balance and well thought out composition to the banner. :D

But I am most impressed with the corner home button. It is a great evolution from your old one, with the shadowy wolf highlighted by the CG's lurking behind the realisitic tornado that seems about to be ready to suck your name into the vortex. That would be cool if it would suck your name in, then spit it out again, and etcetera. 8) But overall a great evolution from the first gen Tornadoes Kick page graphics; you have brought your page into the 21st century. Good job, bud. :D
P.S. What program did you use to render these graphics? :?
Originally posted by Nick Benson
I'd find a more attractive model to replace that guy w/ the cameras :lol:

I tried Fabio, but he was too busy shooting toilet paper commericals.

I'm working on a couple more banners (link to me banners) that I'll probably fire up in the next week (since I actually have a few days where I will NOT be on campus).

Also Mark, how I did those (a semi-detailed explanation) is on my blog. Doesn't have the specifics, but at least you can see what steps I went through. I was using Photoshop CS, BTW. And yes, I, too, felt it was time to update some of my stuff. I'm not going to do anything with the Yoshi buttons ATTM cause I am still quite attached to those.