need some reminders on forecasting

Mar 20, 2005
Northeast Missouri
I haven't really been doing too much forecasting lately, and I honestly can't remember where to find some of the info that I really want for this time of the year. Now that it's nearing spring, and there is a chance of severe storms here overnight, I'm wanting some info that I can't find. I may have had bookmarks for some of it before I changed computers, but now I can't remember where I used to go for things like dewpoint forecasts, some of the severe parameters on the models and things like that. Anyone feel like reminding me where that stuff can be found?

I have a baby on the way, and maybe it's part of the pregnancy amnesia I've heard of that's affecting me!!!
I appreciate those links, I have obviously been to those websites in the past, they all look like what I was looking for, just part of my lost bookmarks! Was having trouble relocating them, so I thank you very much for posting them!