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National Weather Festival 2010

I really enjoyed this year's event. It was nice to visit the SPC and speak with some of the forecasters, as well as to mingle with some other chasers and check out some chase vehicles those people are driving. There was some great information at some of the booths, and watching the weather balloon launch was an added bonus.
I'll post a few pictures I took. The turn out of storm chaser vehicles was impressive; the most I've seen in one location. I think a lot of people people who showed up were very excited to see the TVN guys, who were signing autographs.

A line of Storm Chaser vehicles:

More Storm Chasers:

A crowd gathered around TVN's Dominator:

This picture is a bit misleading. This is the atrium in the Weather Center as shot from the 5th floor. At the time, lot of the people flocked outside to get their pictures taken with Reed, Joel, Chis, and the Dominator. Anyway, there was actually a lot more people there than this.

Weather Fest was definitely a blast. It was great seeing the general public so excited about weather and storm chasing.
Thanks goes out to everyone who voted for us at the "National Weather Festival" in Norman, OK this weekend. We got 1st place in the professional class.
We had a good time and now to shake the flu I got from some one :(
It was great meeting everyone. I had a blast both at the Weather Festival and partying with everyone afterward. I won one of the door prizes for the car show, a light for my vehicle. That will be put to some good use as the lighting on my van is really weak. I'll definitely be there next year!
The fest was a blast this year! I was really impressed at how much bigger the turn out was compared to last year. Thanks to everyone who voted for The Storm Trooper and helped me get the hail award again. The door prizes were a great idea and kudos go to Chris Caldwell as well as the rest of the festival's staff and planners for all the improvements. I can't wait to go again next year.

As mentioned by everyone else one of the best parts of the fest was being able to say hi to everyone. It was nice to see all of you again and to meet some new faces. The after party was fantastic as well.
Had a great time! Great seeing some of you that I have never met in person as well as you folks I see all the time! Not to mention the ChaserTV appreciation party FTW!

Besides acquiring a nice flight credit voucher that will be used for NSCC in Feb, getting out of Atlanta, especially since it sleeted and snowed on Friday was a bonus.

The weather was beautiful on Saturday, which I am sure was a benefit for the festival, it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves (with the exception of the little ones that were angry they had to leave). I will be back next year, for sure! But now onto ChaserCon!