My Website

May 17, 2006
My website is based around southeast Idaho. I currently photograph Thunderstorms, Lightning and SevereWX when it comes around. I also photograph wildfires, nature, fireworks and Winter storms. My site is slowly growing to a Complete PR5. I have a Blog, photo gallery and much more to offer the weather fanatic community.

When I first started out I was using templates and trying to get it perfect til I decided I need to get professional help. After My website was completely redesigned my site started growing.

This forum has The most respected stormchasers/weather photographers and Id like you guys to check it out, hopefully you will consider a link exchange and be a part of my website as I am with yours.

Hope you like it....

Sincerely: Gerrit
Nice design Gerrit. The photo gallery looks impressive. I'd enjoy to exchange a link between your site and the "chasseurs d'orages" web sites.

By the way, you're talking about Skywarn. I'm afraid such a service does not exist over Europe and the european storm chasers are still looking for some credit from the national weather services. Most of the forecasting material and also live radars are restricted to private companies and rarely affordable by the amateurs (especially in France). That's why we often rely on GFS which is a public widely spreaded model. I'd enjoy to have a small private chat with you to understand more about Skywarn and the interactions between the official meteo services and the storm chasing community in the US.

I have added a Link to your page. Its on my links page.

BTW: Skywarn is basically a Volunteer program where we report Severe Weather criteria to the NWS to better help them to understand what exactly is happening on ground level under a storm. The NWS puts on training classes for both new and advanced Storm Spotters to help those brush up on cloud types, etc etc.

Theres not much else to it except for the fact that Most Skywarn reports in most cases are causes for storm Warnings since we mostly report Severe Weather criteria. In other cases we report total rainfall,snowfall, fog and various other conditions.

Hope this helps...

Sincerely: Gerrit