MSN Messenger Poll


How many people have and actively use an MSN Messenger account?

How many people have a cell phone thats registered with MSN and thus can have SMS messages sent via MSN Messenger?

Would you find getting watches and warnings sent to you via MSN Messenger useful?

Would you find being able to retrieve forecasts and current conditions via MSN Messenger useful?

The reason im asking is because im learning Java and looking for a project to work on that can get me motivated. My sort of rough plan is to have a MSN Messenger bot that can be messaged to retrieve the latest information as well as alert people to watches and warnings.

Im doing MSN Messenger because it is well documented and I have contact with several other people who have written 3rd party clients for it.
I have and use MSN actively.

I have a cell phone, but it is not registered with MSN.

I would definitely find getting watches and warnings useful via MSN messenger.

Yes, very much so.

This sounds like a very nice project!!!
I have MSN and use it on a daily basis, both for work and personal purposes.
I'm an avid user of MSN Messenger.

I believe some sort of a program to use with MSN Messenger could be great for some people.

This sounds like a great and very interesting project you have suggested. Keep us updated on your thoughts with it!
While I prefer AIM, I also have MSN because I have a handful of friends (mostly Australians) who don't use AIM. I use MSN on a daily basis, but i don't have my cell phone set to use it or anything like that.

I'd probably find forecasts sent through MSN annoying because I don't use it in any situation when I'm not at a computer anyway where I can pull up a forecast at my own convenience.
I've got an account.

My cell phone is registered.

I used to have watch and warning text messages sent to my phone via the Weather Channel's service, and I found I didn't really like them because I kept track of that info via better data sources anyway, and I didn't really need my phone going nuts due to a rapid series of warnings.

It would be nice to get forecasts and current conditions in MSN messenger, as I usually keep that window open on a secondary monitor.

I mainly use messenger to chat with my buddies, but I have it set to also send notifications to my phone whenever my friends are on Xbox Live. It's neeeeeeeerd-tacular. ;)