Mock API Server

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Scott J

Jun 1, 2022
Goldsby OK
It appears the Mock API server is not taking severe reports for testing( ).

I am in the process of building an iOS app that will track your location(all the time, not just when the app is active, so you can leave it in the background use other apps and still report your location to Spotter Network). You can also make storm reports from the app as well.

After failed attempts and getting no response back from the Mock server I tried the Debug Proxy server, which the address is is very similar( Spotter Network ). This resulted in reports being made on the Production server. Not sure why this is happening.

Just bringing this to the Boards attention as this got me banned last night.
After speaking with Ryan and sorting this out, it appears the Debug Proxy server proxies requests over to the Production server.

Good info for devs out there.
Not open for further replies.