Mobile ThreatNet New Products...

Originally posted by beaudodson
Has anyone heard that they are going to be adding new products to their satellite line-up?

It would be nice to get the SPC Products.

Beau, et. al:

I have emailed Baron about this, and I have been told to keep watching their website as they are working on some things, but do not have a release date yet.

Hope this helps.

If anything is in the works it had better deal with the fact their top dbz color is set at 55dbz(55 and up looks the same....all storms look nasty more or less). Fix that and take away half the degree of smoothing and it'll be a fine tool with what it already has. Between it and having wifi I honestly don't know what more one would even need. I haven't used my cell phone once all year for data. Pretty nice to have all the info/tools you need for $30/month during the chase months.