Mobile Data HELP


Sorry if this has already been discussed before, but i'm in need of some information if ya'll would be so kind.

I am about to purchase a new labtop this spring. As of right now, it looks like a Sony Vaio. (Dell treated me like crap on my last one.) Also will be getting GRLevel3 on it as soon as possible. (Absoultly love it..played with it on high speed wireless at work) Now, to get to the point. Im looking for a good mobile option that allows me to connect at a decent speed. I've looked into WIFI and Verizon mobile data plans. I live in a somewhat rural area but do have some medium sized towns close so I worry a bit about relying on Wi-Fi. Now Verizon has thier "unlimited" data plan for $79.99. We have pretty decent coverage. Only thing is, 40-60 kbps is probally all it would ever see..and I was wondering if anyone else had this delima and how they solved it. ??

Also looked at WX WORX, but I really need the labtop anyway for Cummins/CAT software for school, and really can't justify the bill for both.

Do appreciate any relpy's on this!!
on Verizon

I use the Verizon plan via my Samsung i600 phone... usb connector, of course... Verizon has a real issue with bluetooth... arghh

With Gibson Ridge, you will be just fine... I don't recall the file size but it's rather small and a medium speed connection should do just fine...

I also use EVDO and that is, of course, overkill. The 1xRTT is just fine.

I think you should double-check the pricing on Verizon... Unlimited EVDO is 80 dollars here in Central Texas... 1xRTT was much less.

If you are getting quoted 80 bucks for 1xRTT, I would ask around. 40 sounds a bit more reasonable.
is the GRlevel3 a free download and if so whast the site i can get it at. ill do a google i guess as well ontop of your suggestions.
Well Shawn, according to Verizon, they offer a PDA/Smartphone "unlimited" plan for $49.99. Only bad thing is...I have a Motorola V265 and its wrapped up in a two year plan. :cry: They also have the whole thing of connecting your phone into the labtop itself and using your regular minutes, (something like 50 bucks for the cord and CD) but I only have 300 daytime minutes and won't really use it much at night. (Except for those late-night Plains leftover storms :wink: ) Looking at Verizon's site, thier "Unlimited NationalAccess and BroadbandAccess" is about the only other thing left around here for us. Its the $79.99 and your choice of how much of a PC Card you buy. ($49.99-$199.99) It sure stinks how much of a monopoly they have on service around here. Would be nice to have a few more options! Thanks for the intel though.....
Im on the Americas choice plan. and as it was explained to me if you have that the Cable from phone to laptop is only 30 bucks well thats what i got mine for. during the day it uses minutes at night its free. But the thing is the coverage for date isnt as large out in the plains well especially OK.

I sure wish there were better options for you guys... we here in Central Texas suffer similar problems when we get into the Hill Country (West of Austin) ... almost no coverage by any service.... I have a pretty good 2meter setup at home and will relay radar info, and by using GR and street-level mapping can give the chasers their better options for "catching" severe storms as they progress through the area. Our storms are more typically "High Precip" and really make it hard to visually track, so the GR tracking is key sometimes...

Technology has come a long way, but I sure wish it would go just a little further.