Mike Peregrines Tornado Video From Today 060505


Mike shot some cool footage that we got up on The Weather Channel for him ASAP.

Description: Tornado video shot apx. 7 mi. SW Hiawatha, Kansas. Nice stovepipe tornado lasted 15 minutes going through various phases. We were positioned within a half mile of the tornado as it passed over at least two homes, with large damage path.

If you want to see the raw footage, here is the link.


Mike is back out chasing another tornado right now so look for his full report later.

I'm sick with myself for not being on that storm since it was practically in my back yard, but what can you do?

Great footage. It's also nice that you guys got on tape that you stopped to check on those folks. That should make for some positive PR.
Well - the story isn't quite over yet ... will have to write up quite a report sometime this weekend. We chased the tornadic cell across Buchanan and Davies Counties after we got home ... this was one wicked beast of a storm. At one point just across the river from St. Joe it looked like the wall cloud was on the ground, possibly producing but unable to verify. There was more insane lightning and wild structures with this storm than I've seen in quite some time - good grief. So we finally give up near Jamesport, MO to head home ... only to come back to my brothers (joking that wouldn't it be funny if the house was gone when we got back) ... when what do you know - the next-door neighbors' house is demolished by a HUGE downed tree ... there is quite a bit of debris littering the neighborhood, so some kind of high wind event came through while we were gone ... the fire dept. is there now trying to find out if anyone is inside ... the house is a complete loss ... I'll post some photos from it later - this day seems to have been tragic for a few folks. Pretty sad in that respect -
WOW. Great job. Wish I was there. I was in Alma, and missed the good stuff. Alma had some excitement though, but I was just in the wrong place today. Yesterday in Ark City I lucked out, but today....pfff. Still....amazing video Mike!!
Hiawatha Tornado

Mike - what time did you sight this tornado in the video clip? We were in the area this afternoon.

Peter - had to go back to pull up timecodes on the video ... they register from about 4:20 to 4:34 p.m. for the period the tornado was on the ground. Still need to do some further looking at things. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone -

As Amos mentioned in his report - this storm originally produced a rotating wall cloud approximately 10-15 miles to the west ... there was a large, ornament-shaped WC that was very, very close to the ground ... I'll post pics of it in a full report later ... we thought it was possibly on the ground at the time, but noticed the more interesting development closer to the precip core to the northeast ... strong rotation could be seen in this region with several vortices rotating around each other ... this occurred just prior to full tornadogenesis. We called in the report to EAX at this time, who graciously relayed it to Topeka for us (I really need to stop forgetting to bring the Topeka office's phone number with me). As you can see in the video, there was also some wrapping going on, as we were using our wipers just about a quarter mile west of the tornado, so it may have been obscurred a bit from any greater distance. I'll go back and figure it all out later - - - the storm was moving fast over difficult terrain, and it was definitely a tough one to follow.
Great video, Mike! You're making just about everyone else that chased yesterday jealous. ;) And big kudos for checking up on the people at the farm.
Awesome Job Mike!! If I would've had more time yesterday afternoon, I would've likely gone after the same storm, but I had to stay in town.
06/04/05 tornado

Congratulations on the excellent video footage Mike!!
Pat yourself on the back!!! High risk day, first storm to go up, Nice stovepipe on the ground for fifteen minutes and hundreds of chasers within just a few miles and you came out with the only video that I have seen. Nice video!! Good job!!