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Mid-long Range Discussion

I think the superstorm of March '93 was the first 5 day storm to verify. That changed everything. Mid-range is 3-5 days. Long-range is 5-10 for purpose of discussion.

3-5 day shows a quasizonal flow. This will produce mountain snow in the west and northern tier. The transition period will show WAA as high pressure moves off NE coast and bonified artic airmass devlopes in Central and eastern Canada, day 5 (Image 1) These are the ingredients for next potential storm.

The quandry is first or second impulse wave amplification..... Is it day 5 or day 10? (Image 2)


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12Z GFS has continued trend of cut off H5 in northern Texas, slight NE jog. 500mb northern stream trof is more broad and leaves possible bonified gulf low development more likely, after rain to snow before ending with first wave. Continental polar high pressure is less transitiory with CAD in place. Fun times.....


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Strom is squashed to the south. Deep sadnest for winter storm trackers. Looks like a warm pattern on the eastern seaboard. Have not seen this pattern since 78-79......