Michelin Hydroedge

Jun 16, 2004
Minneapolis, MN
I just put my order in today for four brand new 185/65/14 Michelin Hydroedge to the tune of $449.72. They'll arrive on Tuesday and installed shortly after that. 90,000 mile warranty with these tires. More details about my search for new tires on my blog.

Let's hope they do better than my Rainforce MX4s that had a 65k that only made it 30-40. (I can't file a claim because I have 3-4/32nds left on the tires.) At 2/32nds, you're endangering your life and most suggest you get them replaced at 3 or even 4/32nds.
I don't think I've ever driven on a tired that lasted to their "wear mileage warranty". I've had several sets of 60k-70k tires that only lasted 35-45k miles. Of course, most folks (like me) don't remember to take the manufacturer up on that warranty (which is pro-rated in all cases, AFAIK).
I had a set put on a few weeks ago. They really are a great rain tire... the past couple of heavy rains I've driven through, I've felt that I was glued to the road. Love 'em so far.
maybe thsi should be split off... but for those of you who run and SUV with 4wd and want a tire that got good wet traction and good grip on muddy roads then look into interco's (maker of super swampers) TrXus M/T I got 50k in these on a jeep and they ride great. surprisingly quiet as well.

they arent cheap though, about $115 each for a 31x10.50
they arent cheap though, about $115 each for a 31x10.50[/b]

Ha, yea I wish I had heard about those awhile back. I just got new tires on Monday and they were EXPENSIVE. I ain't gonna say how bad it hurt but ill let you look up the price on 4 BFG ATX KO 285-75-16......I didn't have to pay the horrid price on the Discount Tire website but it was a good chunk of change over the $115 those run. I'm super happy with the last set I had on the Tahoe, got 70k miles off of them, and decided to go with them again. I just wish they wern't so damn popular so that the price would stay within reason.

-Graham Butler
Had to get new tires on my wife's car today and opted for the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred. Will be documenting comparisons and also pros & cons of each tire on my website as time passes. There have been many hits to my website about this comparison so I was all for the interest in science...
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I just put on the BFG's as well. 285/75/15 i think on my suburban. had them on there for about a month so far and i love them. bought them from discount tire, only because i talked them out of about $100. But yeah, i eneded getting them for about $100 a tire and $8-10 off of all four road hazards.

The good tires are worth it in the long run. They do save you money.