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MesoDome robotic auto tracking camera domes available now

The 2013 MesoDome robotic auto tracking camera domes are now available for purchase.

From January 26th through February 1st get $100 off the purchase of any MesoDome with the promo code SNOWBIRDSPECIAL13

What is a MesoDome?

A MesoDome is a computer controlled robotic camera dome that mounts to the top of your vehicle, and provides up to a 360° view. All MesoDome camera domes are controlled by the MesoDome Controller, a Windows based tornado tracking and camera management application. The acrylic, stainless, steel, and aluminum construction provide lightweight strength built to withstand harsh weather conditions, year after year.

Our Domes:

  • The MesoDome Storm is a third generation camera dome incorporating the latest technology to produce an effective, strong, and stable tracking solution. The Storm uses a 14" acrylic dome and has enough space to accommodate standard small handheld camcorders, or a double 3D GoPro camera.
  • The Mini MesoDome - GoPro Edition is a small camera dome designed for use with a GoPro camera. These domes use the same design as the Mini MesoDome, but modified to work with a GoPro camera. Standard 180° rotation with 360° rotation available. NEW FOR 2013!
  • The Mini MesoDome is a smaller and simpler camera dome designed for chasers on a budget. It uses a 720p webcam and the same powerful controller software. This is our most popular and durable dome. It has withstood baseball size hail without a scratch.
  • If you can't find the right size or shape, we offer customized domes. Our hardware and software can be adapted to build domes as large as 30" tall and 60" wide.
  • Already have your own dome? We can convert your dome to work with our software. Read more here!
How does it work?

A MesoDome camera dome is connected to a Windows based PC with a USB cable. The included MesoDome Controller application interfaces with the electronics in the dome, and a serial GPS connection from your GPS. After following a calibration procedure the dome is aware of its location, and the camera heading. This opens the door to automated tracking that "locks on" to the GPS location selected.
There are multiple methods to control the camera pan and tilt. Some methods include, a wireless Xbox style joystick, flight stick joystick, clickable buttons, or clicking on a simulated dome image. Right click on the moving map display and your camera will automatically track the target. Track a moving target while moving. Read more.

David Drummond's review of the Mini MesoDome.

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The MesoDome will be used by several national news media agencies in 2013. Join the revolution in tornado tracking!
We've extended the sale by one day. $100 off any dome with the promo code SNOWBIRDSPECIAL13. Discount code now ends Saturday February 2nd at midnight. This will be the biggest discount of the year, so order now!
We couldn't make it to Chasercon 2013 due to preexisting family conflicts. We can, however, still offer a good discount on our domes. $75 off any dome through Friday February 22nd. Use the code CHASERCON2013 for your discount.

Visit our website at http://www.mesodome.com