May 12th 2005 - More Detail

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I wanted to say that I finally reviewed all my footage of the May 12 event. It was very interesting. For instance it was amazing after the barrel tornado dissipated and started heading east between South Plains and the east road I could see the RFD curtain coming in behind it. It was pretty dramatic.

Initially I was down near the intersection of that east road (forgive me if I'm lazy for not looking up the number), and when the RFD hit I pulled and faced west into it in the field to try and keep the nose of my vehicle down as I could hear the wind's roar. This is kind of standard procedure to keep from getting the vehicle rolled; however I quickly realized I was parked under the telephone / power lines. I backed out right away and then began to slowly cruise east along the east road as my windshield wiper went out. I was distracted with that and trying to decided whether to deal with the hail, or go ahead and follow the old tornado out east.

Now, previously I had brought up the fact that many went under the wallcloud, and issues of rotation etc. As I watched in my video I could see the the right side of the road (looking east) that a multi-vortex torn was in progress with a fairly large debris cloud spreading out. I have the initial barrel starting about 5:12 and lasted a few minutes,dissipated, and then the multi-vortex was in progress around 5:20. These are timestamps taken off my dashcam. THrough the rain covered windshield I suppose in real time with the distractions it was hard to focus on the new tornado. I finally decided I didn't want to drive beside it, and I wasn't convinced I wasn't still under part of the wallcloud. I decided to leave and go back west and then north into the core.

As my vehicle turned around to the left to start heading west I can briefly see what appears to be another tornado on the left side of the road. There is a lowered cloud area as part of the extending wallcloud I mentioned in another post that extended across the road. Underneath there was dust and debris. It appears it is a second tornado in progress at 5:20 meaning that two tornadoes are in progress at once!

I bring this up because I don't recall anyone mentioning it. Previously everyone was saying they saw rotation only on the south side of the eastbound road. Of course in earlier posts someone showed a wallcloud / funnel hanging over the road. So did anyone see this? I have it only briefly as the vehicle is swinging around in a 180 and raindrops are partially obscuring my view but you can tell what is out there. Of course after that is when I got hammered with the large hail.

Oh, was going to mention something about that too. Typically a lot of us are taught to put the nose of our vehicle down in a ditch and face inbound highspeed wind. However it occurs to me watching the video that this might not always be too smart. True it may prevent a rollover, but what if that highspeed wind (RFD's can be over 100) brings in debris or the large hail whacks you as you face it? You get a face debris or hail - which aint too good. Telephone poles overhead too. Not sure if there are any better solutions though other than not being there. Any ideas?