Maps of County Names in .pdf format

Thanks for the link JR, I have been looking for something like these but like you said.... not very good gifs is all I had found too..

This is one of those things that a person is always looking for and can never find ... seems like I end up doing a Google search for "map of Kansas counties" constantly when I'm trying to nowcast for someone ... I wish that Weathertap would have a similar map link directly from their radar room - would really come in handy -

Thanks for the link.
I printed off the southern and central Plains and got them laminated at the local print shop for around 90 cents each. Hopefully the laminate will keep them from becoming the dog-eared county maps I tend to end up with at the end of the trip. Plus, with a good overhead marker, it could become quite the tool for warning analysis. Thanks for the link J.R.!

detailed mapping

I just wish they'd develop a watch/warning page that showed the warnings on a county map page rather then counties but no names attached. Every little bit helps.

NWS has some radars with county names on them but they something for us trackers as we are out there in the field. or on the mini-bases giving out the info.

Thats odd isnt it? 85% of weather data is collected out in the field yet the 15% gets all the good toys. Bureaucracy blah lol.

Im not good at programming or web design but i wonder how hard it would be to construct such a thing off of current information like build a site that reads info off of nws site for wathces and warnings and transposes that information to a county map on your site to inform others in more detail of what counties are affected.

I dont know maybe there is something like that but im a fan of maps rather then reading weather statements and for those that dont understand some of their bulletin info cause it can be very technical i think would benefit alot of people.