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Looking for GR Customizations

I'm looking for some customizations for GRLevel3 and GR2Analyst. Here's what I'm particularly looking for:

Street Level Shape File for Arkansas

Custom Icons for both GRLevel3 and GR2Analyst for Hail and Attributes that would show up well on social media posts

Volume Tables for GR2AE that would allow me to see all Reflectivity layers as well as isolate layers that could indicate a tornado signature or hail on radar

Either some pre-made color tables for GRLevel3 and GR2Analyst, or I have some color table scales in case someone would be interested in making them (I've tried making them, I'm not good at it).

If someone needs to email me directly, here's my contact info:

I love the Scott Lincoln shapefiles, but they are getting old. The source for all of the road shapefiles is at TIGER/Line Shapefiles , but unless you want to load a county at a time, you need to find ones that have been combined by someone. There is a site that does that, but the link is on my laptop - I will have to look that up for you.

Another resource for GR goodies GRLevelX Users it is a PIA, however, because it requires a login via Facebook.
Thanks for the info! I've found some of the files I need.

I'd like to download both of these files. I don't have a Facebook account at the moment (plus Facebook is blocked at the DNS level on my provider for security reasons). Is there a way someone could send me the files to these?

GRLevelX Users
GRLevelX Users

On the color tables, I have a PDF I could email someone of what I'm looking for. The color tables are taken in an app I use for work, and while I can use the color tables in my own personal use and at work without issues, I wouldn't feel comfortable uploading the PDF to the forums.