Linking non-linkers

Mike Hollingshead

Does anyone else out there frequently get asked to link people that don't have ANY links? I'm very bad at bothering with my links section anymore and know I am not linking everyone back that has me linked(if you do and I don't just e-mail)..but hey at least I have one and had it from the get go, since I just wanted to look at them. I'll link anyone that links me...seems like a very fair way for it to work. But, I don't think I'd ever think of asking someone to link me if I didn't have a single link to others on my site. I'm more and more surprised how often it happens. I got 2 in one day this week. Part of me wants to just delete the e-mails, but then I'll just be a jerk(more-so than normal!). I guess it just seems like a pretty simple concept and it annoys me when I get asked and see they don't have a single person linked from their site.

If you want linked, here is a suggestion....start by starting your own links section! I think that is how it was done in the "olden" days. Hell it was interesting taking a tour of sites the other day and noting those that have NO chasers linked....most weren't surprising.
Maintaining a links section can be a catch-22 and a pain. Invariably you are going to leave someone out of even the most comprehensive list. Other times you will be faced with making editorial decisions - do you link to every single site every chaser owns, or do you link to the better ones that have lots of content about chasing (videos, reports, etc.)? No matter how you do it, someone will be hurt that you didn't include them. If you try to include absolutely everyone, you have a list so huge that its value decreases - besides, it will take constant maintenance - needing updated every time someone changes, adds or deletes their site.

A comprehensive and fair links section is a big undertaking and I can understand why many people don't do it. This is one of the reasons I started the Storm Chaser Database. This is the 'chaser links section' for my site. I figured there, chasers can add themselves and maintain their own links, and so falls the responsibility of adding and maintaining it.

By the way, speaking of the database, I'll insert a shameless plug for it here. If anyone doesn't want to undertake a chaser link list, you are always welcome to link to the database instead as your 'links page'. I don't have AdSense running on that part of the site, so I don't have any ulterior motives or benefit in getting traffic to it. Since it is self-maintained by each chaser, it should remain pretty current - and if you're not on there, you can add yourself by visiting the 'add profile' page here:

This is a temporary page, because if I leave it up indefinately, spammers will start posting junk profiles. I'll leave this one up for about a week. Any questions or problems send me a PM.
Getting asked to link to sites with commercial interests is my pet hate.

A few years back I ran some surfing pages and I would get 2-3 link requests a week from ' trendy ' stores, surf shops, etc. I got so sick of it I places a noye on the sites front page saying do not ask for links unless you have non-commerical content.

Thankfully my weather site does not get much in the way of link requests.