Joe Nield

Jul 31, 2004
Plainfield, Indiana
I'm thinking about getting a Kestrel. Who has one, which model is it, and are you satisfied with it?

I'm having a hard time deciding between the models. Does anyone know where I can order one on the cheap? I've seen HUGE price differences online, where a 3000 costs the same as one or two models down. Thanks.
The 4000 has a barometer, wet bulb, and can store and graph the data. Highly sophisticated compared to the 3000. I have the 3000, which I am quite pleased with. One word of warning with the 3000, in a driving rain the anemometer will stop functioning, and you will get 100% RH for awhile. I looked once and saw a DP of 87 and was amazed until I realized the sensor was saturated. Since the 4000 has a wet bulb, I doubt that will be a problem. Keep a spare impeller wheel in case it stops working at the worst possible moment!
I've had a 3000 for 5 years now. The anemometer went out last year, and the buttons are getting a bit worn, but the temperature and dewpoint function still work great (and VERY accurate) and it's still running on its original battery.