was wondering if anyone used these type of products to help your vehicle get a better preformce.i want to buy some of these products,but not sure if i should if they don't preform what they promise.
was wondering if anyone used these type of products to help your vehicle get a better preformce.i want to buy some of these products,but not sure if i should if they don't preform what they promise.

Often times you will get a couple hp from a K&N filter on a otherwise stock car. It also depends on how dirty your current air filter is. I have not seen or heard anyone using the Tornado air intake system, I would say to be cautious about those, seem kinda like a gimick to me.

If you are looking to add some performance to your vehicle, not sure what kind of car, but most can benefit from an after market air intake or exhaust system. If you use this car for chasing I would stay away from "cold air" air intake systems, but there are often many engine bay mounted systems. These are two easy to change and relatively inexpensive upgrades, of course there are numerous other options as well.
I get Consumer Reports magazine, and there was an article recently where they tested a few of these devices and found that there is no conclusive evidence that they work.
with a mostly stock vehicle, you might notice a little bit of a throaty sound becuase of a K&N, and possibly a few small HP, but they mostly have gains with modified motors that have high flow exhaust and other parts of the intake also. I just use K&N becuase they are easily cleaned and re-used.

Everything I've heard about the Tornado says its just an overpriced piece of twisted aluminum crap.
Ah hell, why not just go a step further and supercharge your beast (or turbo depending on the driver.) lol I also highly suggest K&N products. I have a K&N Typhoon high airflow intake on my Mazda Miata (no I don't chase in a Miata, my chase vehicle is a Nissan Pathfinder), and it made a noticeable difference. It was my first mod. Also you'll get better gas mileage, granted that you don't hammer on the gas every where.

(To see my Miata go to: www.cardomain.com/id/aonecoolguy
I'll post some pics of my chase vehicle soon)
thanks for the responds.i have been cautious about buying these products untill i found someone who has actually used them.i don't think alot of people put their vehicles in the type of abuse that some of us do.
i am going to hold off on these and do father research on them for now.thanks again for the responds.
I have a K&N cold air induction on my Nissan Titan. The performance is a lot better and I get 2MPG better than stock. Considering the gas mileage I get that is a huge improvement say 17%. It has paid for itself in the first six months, and will save you a lot of money in the long run. DO NOT buy anything that promises huge gas and horse power improvements because it is more than likely b.s. IMO K&N is better than all the others simply because you know what you will get. If you decide to go with a cold air kit, be very sure the intake is not going to be in a place where you have to worry about water, mud or anything else you can imagine getting sucked in the engine. Mine sits up high on an already tall truck so I'm not worried. Another good investment for saving gas mileage is a superchip (depending on what type of vehicle). You can program your car's computer to get better gas mileage and performance. The only problem is you have to run premium on most vehicles after installing the chip, but I have read reports of many people improving their gas mileage by 25-35% depending on the vehicle. I know on the 00-05 Chevy trucks with a chip and intake you can get 26 MPG highway with a V-8 on a pick-up!
As far as the Tornado intake goes it is an expensive piece of ____!
I have a home-made cold air intake on my 95 riviera. The only thing I realy noticed was the loud supercharger wine that accompanies hard accelleration. :D However it does "seem" faster. On a different note I contemplated on deleting the supercharger in favor of the turbocharger option. If you want real power increases, drastic engine mods are a must.