June 4th 2005 page updated

I finally got around to updating/adding in all the relevant pictures from the June 4th 2005 Brown County KS event (I know, I know...). Anyhow, I added all the initiation pics showing how bad this thing looked then also added the dissipation/occlusion rope out. Also is a video grab of what the back side looked like as we (Ben Leitschuh from Iowa and myself) lost the storm at White Cloud, KS. Right after is where John and Jamie Wetter, Scott Woelm, and Shaun Kelly picked it up as it dropped three more tubes.


Here is an example:

Heads up...this page is a beast if you have dial up.
:eek: Congrats ont hat chase, that reminds me of the waverly ne sp of 2004 , that thing was monsterous i mean ok so theres a big difference in the sp you got and waverly's , anyways it weakened big time i mean went dead ugly then as it got into mo went crazy all over again...

good catch.... :wink: